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Wantha Bangs, age six, with Merrylegs (21kb) Wantha Davis, riding Mr. Bam, beats Racing Hall of Fame jockey Jackie Westrope in a special exhibition match race. (21kb) Wantha Davis, riding Northeast, beats the top male jockey at the time, Racing Hall of Famer Johnny Longden, in a special exhibition match race at Agua Caliente, Mexico. December 18, 1949 (29kb) Wantha Davis, riding Concut, wins the Beaux and Belles race at Agua Caliente with Lorice Grube in second place. (51kb)
Wantha Davis, riding Jesse Dean, won in Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 27, 1939. (21kb) Wantha Davis, riding Bright Eyes, won at Agua Caliente, with Buster Seeley on Tidy Step in second place, May 5, 1950. (418kb) Wantha Bangs, fresh out of high school (10kb)  Wantha Davis wins on Mil Dor with Basil James in second place, Columbus, Nebraska, 1944. (19kb)
Wantha and Lendol Davis with the automobile they drove around the Western racing circuit in the 1940s. (21kb) Wantha Davis, riding Tidy Step, wins at Agua Caliente, with Hall of Famer Glen Lasswell in second place.  (33kb) Wantha Davis wins the Tuscon, Arizona, Derby. (18kb) Wantha Davis, all dressed up after high school graduation (14kb)
Wantha Davis wins the Beaux and Belles race at Agua Caliente. Her young son, Tad, is seen in the winner's circle
    wearing a striped shirt.  (30kb) Wantha Davis wins a match race with Joyce Goldsmidt. (44kb) Wantha Davis, riding Certie, wins The Challenge at Agua Caliente. Wantha Davis, Judge Schilling and Johnny Longden


Girl Jockey: Wantha Davis